Mesh Sintered Filter Cartridge

The JinJue Mesh Sintered Filter Cartridge is a cylindrical filter crafted from sintered wire mesh. The cross-arranged mesh layers form an optimized filtration system with small, uniform pores. It boasts high filtration precision, low resistance, strong mechanical strength, excellent corrosion and cold resistance, and reliable performance, making it ideal for diverse industrial and practical applications.

Mesh Sintered Filter Cartridge offers customizable pore size, permeability, and strength, ensuring superior filtration precision and processability. The sintering process stabilizes the mesh, preventing deformation. It is durable, hard to damage, and highly permeable, providing accurate filtration and easy maintenance. The filter is simple to clean and has a long service life, outclassing other filter media in comprehensive performance.

The Mesh Sintered Filter Cartridge is versatile and widely applicable across various industries. In the mechanical industry, it provides precise filtration for hydraulic and lubricating oils. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for material and gas filtration, as well as washing and drying processes. The food and beverage industry benefits from its ability to filter mineral water, beverages, juices, and alcoholic drinks. In the powder industry, it aids in gas homogenization, while in the petroleum industry, it clarifies petroleum products. Additionally, it is used in explosive-proof electrical equipment, such as resonators and other devices, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in demanding environments.

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  • The Stainless Steel Mesh Sintered Filter Cartridge is an advanced filter that adopts a high permeability porous structure made of multi-layer stainless steel mesh pressure, forming a sturdy and durable filter to meet the needs of various liquid and gas filtration. Stainless steel mesh sintered filters are commonly used to filter fine particulate matter in liquids or gases under high temperature, high pressure, and harsh chemical environments.

  • Porous Metal Membrane Filter Element is an advanced microfiltration technology, usually composed of multi-layer metal mesh and ultra-thin stainless steel membrane. This type of filter can filter out very small particles while also having high flow rate and high permeability. Due to its unique porous metal design, this filter has very durable performance and can work stably for a long time.

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