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Jinjue is established in 1985 which is a family-owned business and a professional manufacturer and supplier of Ventilation Air Filters in China. Our team is dedicated to researching, designing, manufacturing, and testing various types of air filters. Our developed air filters are mainly used in ventilation systems to capture particles, dust, bacteria, and more. Additionally, our industrial air filters have a long service life and stable performance, while our commercial air filters are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and reasonably priced.

Our main products are tested by third parties such as SGS and the CDC, and are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, and medical fields. Jinjue Ventilation Air Filters quality meets FDA and GMP requirements and holds several certifications including CE, ISO, and SGS. We export to countries including the USA, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and South Korea, receiving consistent praise.

Our factory is equipped with a complete set of testing and production equipment and is an export-qualified direct sales factory without intermediaries, ensuring no markup. The factory also supports product monitoring, allowing customers to dynamically monitor production status and shipment progress via video surveillance. Choose Jinjue Ventilation Air Filters to enjoy the highest quality service.

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  • JinJue Rigid Pocket Air Filters are designed for primary air filtration and are widely used in industrial and commercial fields. Their main advantages are high capacity and stable performance. Our filter media is made of electret synthetic fibers, with an initial pressure drop of only about 50% that of traditional fiberglass, providing excellent filtration performance.

  • JinJue Panel Type Chemical Air Filters is designed for removing odors same as others chemical air filters. Much lower initial pressure drop comes from special design --- honeycomb activate carbon combines with synthetic fibre. Activate carbon can adsorb odors, meanwhile synthetic fibre can filter particles upto 10 micron.

  • The JinJue Activated Carbon Bag Filter G4 is primarily designed for odor elimination. By combining activated carbon with synthetic fibers, it maximizes odor absorption while effectively filtering particles as small as 10 micrometers. Choosing this product ensures the best solution for your filtration needs.

  • JinJue V-Bank Filter Hospital Grade, designed specifically for hospital, sanatoriums, library, laboratory etc environments, effectively filters out impurities in the air, kills viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, and prevents them from breeding on the filter surface, which could cause secondary pollution. This ensures highly clean air quality.

  • JinJue Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters and PTFE ULPA filters are ideal for low noise area, corrosive gas area (especially for hydrofluoric acid) and high clean level area. PTFE membrane as young filter media in China market. Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters are used in HEPA filters and ULPA air filters with stable performance and lower energy consumption. Really suitable for hospitals, sanatoriums, schools and kindergarten, microelectronics industry, sterile room, laboratory etc.

  • The JinJue Gas Turbine Intake Air Filter For Gas Turbine GE is an indispensable component of the gas turbine system, widely used in various fields such as power generation, aviation, and industry. Its main task is to filter out particulate matter and pollutants from the air before it enters the gas turbine engine.

  • The JinJue GT air intake filter utilizes advanced production techniques and high-quality raw materials. It's designed to replace traditional air filters, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.JinJue GT Air Intake Filter is highly popular due to its excellent quality and reasonable price. GT Air Intake Filter is mainly used in air intake filtration systems for gas turbines, air compressors, dust collectors, sandblasting, mining, oxygen plants, and cigarette factories.

  • The Jinjue GT Pleated Pre-Filter is specifically designed as a first-stage air filter for gas turbine filtration systems. Its design enhances filtration efficiency and extends service life. It is also widely used in air compressors, engines, commercial buildings, and HVAC systems, ensuring stable and efficient operation of equipment while providing superior air purification. This makes it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.

As a professional Ventilation Air Filters manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need High Quality Ventilation Air Filters to meet the specific needs of your region or good services, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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