Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge

Jinjue Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge are produced by a direct factory in China, using various microporous membranes that provide a large filtration area, high flow rate, and high contaminant holding capacity. These filters utilize advanced microporous membrane technology, effectively capturing fine particles while maintaining stable filtration efficiency at high flow rates, ensuring excellent performance across various applications. They meet the stringent requirements of FDA and GMP standards, making them safe and reliable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, these filters are designed for easy installation and replacement, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime. The products come with a three-year warranty, a minimum order quantity of 10, and are exported worldwide, earning consistent praise from international customers.

The production workshop for Jinjue Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge includes a 2,000㎡ Class 100,000 cleanroom, equipped with CNC pleating machines and fully automatic feeding systems to ensure zero damage. These facilities and equipment provide a solid guarantee for the high-quality production of the filters. The strict environmental control of the cleanroom and the high-precision operation of CNC equipment ensure that each filter meets the most stringent quality standards during manufacturing. Additionally, we use infrared bonding machines to enhance the adhesive strength and quality of the products. This advanced bonding technology ensures the stability and durability of the filters during use. The high-standard production environment and advanced equipment ensure the excellent performance and reliability of the filters, allowing them to excel in various demanding applications.

In terms of quality control, we conduct pore size analysis and testing before processing to ensure that each filter meets the designed filtration accuracy. We perform 100% integrity testing for sterilizing-grade filters and conduct pure water cleaning to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of the filters. Additionally, we prioritize certification services to provide customers with greater assurance during use. These Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge are primarily used for pre-filtration in water systems, sterile filtration, process filtration in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and sterilization and filtration of industrial gases. The wide range of applications demonstrates the versatility and reliability of Jinjue microporous membrane filters, making them an indispensable essential device in various industries.

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  • The JinJue Hydrophobic PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge stack consists of a PTFE filter membrane and imported drainage layers, offering excellent oxidation resistance and chemical resistance. It has a wide range of applications, excellent chemical compatibility, and strong oxidation resistance.

  • JinJue PTFE Pleated Filter Cartridge, known for their strong hydrophobicity, exhibit 3.75 times greater resistance to water erosion compared to regular PVDF membranes. They are suitable for both pre-filtration and fine filtration of gases, as well as sterilization filtration of solvent solutions.

  • JinJue Glass Fiber Cartaidge can effectively remove particles and suspended impurities from water, offering high filtration efficiency to meet industry standards for water cleanliness. They also have excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for water environments containing strong corrosive substances such as acids, bases, and high concentrations of chlorine. These cartridges are widely used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, and environmental industries. During use, fiberglass filter cartridges are easy to clean and maintain, making them your best choice.

  • Jinjue Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter are made using fiberglass technology, offering excellent corrosion resistance and strength. They also feature high filtration efficiency and are not easily damaged. These cartridges are primarily used for liquid and gas filtration in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and environmental industries, as well as in the field of water purification.

  • Jinjue Polypropylene Filter Cartaidge are popular worldwide for their excellent product quality and comprehensive range of models. The selection of materials is strictly controlled by the manufacturer, and the sales method is direct from the factory, eliminating middlemen and their markups. The after-sales service is attentive and considerate, providing peace of mind to customers. These filters are primarily used for wastewater filtration in water plants, product filtration in the food industry, and pharmaceutical-grade filtration in the pharmaceutical industry

  • The Polypropylene (PP) Cartridge Filter utilizes a polypropylene thermal spray fiber membrane as its filtration medium, featuring strong corrosion resistance, high filtration precision, and long service life. It is suitable for pre-filtration in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries, particularly ideal for processing pharmaceuticals and food with stringent filtration requirements.

  • The JinJue Nylon Filter Cartaidge is comprised of a nylon microporous membrane folded between non-woven fabric or (wire mesh) inner and outer support layers. The cartridge housing, center rod, and end caps are all made of polypropylene material. The overall sealing of the filter cartridge is achieved through thermal fusion welding technology, ensuring complete sealing performance without any adhesives and leakage.

  • JinJue Nylon Pleated Filter Cartridge, with their excellent filtration performance, mechanical strength, and wide range of applications, are the ideal choice for various industrial and medical uses. Whether for pharmaceutical production, cell culture, or high-purity water systems, nylon membrane filter cartridges provide reliable filtration, ensuring the purity and safety of your products. Choose nylon membrane filter cartridges to enhance your filtration efficiency and product quality.

As a professional Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need High Quality Micron Pleated Filter Cartridge to meet the specific needs of your region or good services, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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