70 Inch Filter Cartridge

The 70 Inch Filter Cartridge is a reusable PP pleated filter designed to effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust, and other impurities from fluids. Its diameter decreases from the outside to the inside, allowing for low-pressure drop and high contaminant holding capacity. This design ensures efficient filtration under various conditions.

The 70 Inch Filter Cartridge features a complete PP construction, providing broad chemical compatibility and the ability to withstand repeated backwashing. It is suitable for use prior to applying external resin coatings and effectively removes solids. With a length of 70 inches (1778mm), it is ideal for high flow rates and heavily contaminated conditions. The cartridge is easy to install without requiring a housing change and is designed for easy replacement.

The 70 Inch Filter Cartridge is widely used in RO safety filtration and seawater desalination pretreatment. It is also employed in power plants for condensate filtration and in the biopharmaceutical industry for filtering raw materials, solvents, and water.

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  • The JinJue String Wound Condensate Treatment Filter Cartridge is an ideal product for removing suspended solids and impurities. It protects boilers and turbines and promotes efficient condensate system performance. It is primarily used in various liquid filtration applications, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and water plants.

  • The Pleated Condensate Filter Element Of 70 inches by JinJue uses food-grade thickened polypropylene tubing and a high-strength PP framework. It has elastic compression capability, effectively removing large particles from fluids. It is mainly used in seawater desalination, food and pharmaceutical industries, and power plant condensate.

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