GT Pleated Pre-Filter
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GT Pleated Pre-Filter

The Jinjue GT Pleated Pre-Filter is specifically designed as a first-stage air filter for gas turbine filtration systems. Its design enhances filtration efficiency and extends service life. It is also widely used in air compressors, engines, commercial buildings, and HVAC systems, ensuring stable and efficient operation of equipment while providing superior air purification. This makes it suitable for various industrial and commercial applications.

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Product Description

The Jinjue GT Pleated Pre-Filter is a high-quality air purification product designed to meet the demands of modern environments. It boasts the following prominent features:

1.One of the primary advantages of GT Pleated Pre-Filter are that they have low pressure drop.The GT Pleated Pre-Filter utilizes advanced design and materials to ensure a low pressure drop during the filtration process. This means that even after prolonged use, it maintains a good airflow, ensuring uninterrupted system operation and providing users with consistently stable air purification results.

2.Another benefit of GT Pleated Pre-Filter are that they are easy to installation.The product features a simple and straightforward design, making installation quick and hassle-free without the need for complex tools or specialized skills. Compatible with various air conditioning systems and air treatment equipment, the GT pleated pre-filter can be easily integrated into different environments, offering users a convenient installation experience.

3.GT Pleated Pre-Filter are also have stable performance.Renowned for its exceptional performance stability, the GT pleated pre-filter undergoes rigorous quality control and testing to ensure consistent filtration effectiveness and performance under various working conditions. This reliability provides users with a dependable solution for air purification needs.

Detailed information of GT Pleated Pre-Filter:

Type Panel, pleated, disposable
Frame material Paper
Filter media Synthetic fibre / Cotton
Filter class G3/G4
Initial resistance 70 Pa
Standard size 594 x 594mm
Standard depth 46/69/95/102mm
Media Polyester fiber / Glass fiber / Metal mesh
Mesh material White latex or universal glue
Frame Stainless steel / Galvanized
Thickness of aluminum frame(mm) Extruded aluminum/ Galvanized steel/ Aluminum sheet/ Cardboard/ Stainless steel
Max. Temperature 21、25、46、50、69、80、90、96
Max. Humidity Cardboard frame:70% Other frame:100%

Technical parameter

Model Type Size(mm)(WxHxD) Air flow(m3/h) Initial pressure(Pa) Filtr area(㎡) Velocity(m/s) Filter class(ISO16890)
YTCXFHBS01 With mesh 594x287x21 3400 45 0.28 1.22 Coarse65%

594x592x21 3400 45 0.55 1.28 ePM10 50%

594x287x46 3400 45 0.75 1.71 ePM10 50%

594x495x46 3400 45 1.3 1.70 ePM10 50%

594x594x46 3400 45 1.55 1.69 ePM10 50%

594x287x96 3400 45 1.09 4.89 ePM10 50%

594x594x96 3400 45 2.22 4.72 ePM10 50%

Product Details

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