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Panel Coarse Filters

Jinjue Panel Coarse Filters, which are also known as pre-filters, form an essential part of the air filtration system. They are specifically designed to protect the medium and fine filters that follow them in the filtration process. Regular replacement or washing of these pre-filters is recommended every 3-4 weeks to maintain optimal air quality and filtration efficiency.

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Product Description

High quality Panel Coarse Filters is offered by China manufacturer Jinjue. In recent years, there has been a growing demand for air filtration solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally sustainable. Panel Coarse Filters offer several benefits over traditional air filters:

1.One of the primary advantages of Panel Coarse Filters are that they are made with environment-friendly materials. These filters are constructed using synthetic fibres or other materials that are non-toxic and do not harm the environment. Additionally, our production processes ensure that there is minimal waste generated during production, further reducing our environmental impact.

2.Another benefit of Panel Coarse Filters are that they are washable. They can be cleaned using water and mild detergent, which makes them reusable and extends their lifespan. Regular washing of these filters is recommended to maintain optimal performance and to prevent clogging.

3.Panel Coarse Filters are also easy to install. They are designed to fit into standard HVAC systems, which means that they can be easily replaced or installed by maintenance personnel. This ease of installation saves time, reduces labour costs and ensures that the air filtration system is up and running quickly.

Detailed information of Panel Coarse Filters:

Type Washable
Frame material Galvanized sheet, Anodised extruded aluminum
Protective net one side, both sides, or no need
Filter media Synthetic fibre
Filter class G1~G4 (ISO16890, EN779)
Initial resistance 20 ~ 70 Pa
Standard size 220 x 220mm,610 x 305mm, 450 x 450mm
Standard depth 10/12/15mm

Product Details

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