Gas Filter

The JinJue Gas Filter is a high-precision filter used to filter and remove tiny micron-sized impurities during pipeline transportation. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel, it can be equipped with various molded and pleated materials, as well as melt-blown and sintered filter elements, based on different precision requirements and working conditions. Installed in pipelines, it filters out micro-level impurities in gases, ensuring hygienic gas media and providing high-quality gas.

When the medium enters the Gas Filter, it passes through under pressure, leaving impurities trapped on the filter element while the medium flows out. This process effectively removes impurities, deposits, suspended solids, and bacteria in gases, achieving efficient filtration.

The Gas Filter is widely used in biotechnology and pharmaceutical disinfection, as well as for sterilizing beverages, food, and filtering steam used for heating food. Additionally, it is employed in laboratories to filter moist gases, such as in the electronics industry and biotechnology.

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  • Multi-Core Gas Filter is a device used to filter impurities, particles and other pollutants in gas media. Different from single-core gas filters, multi-core gas filters are generally composed of multiple filter elements. During the gas flow process, they can filter out a variety of particles and harmful gases of different particle sizes and types, thereby achieving higher filtration efficiency.

  • A single core gas filter is a gas filter that usually consists of a central core and a filter material wrapped around the central core. Its main function is to filter impurities, particles, microorganisms and other pollutants in the gas to ensure the cleanliness and health safety of the gas.

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