Industrial Water Treatment

Jinjue Company currently owns a large production factory, with its marketing channels comprehensively deployed across major platforms and offices established throughout Hebei Province. These facilities are primarily used for the production of Industrial Water Treatment equipment, including High Flow Filter Cartridge, 70 Inch Filter Cartridge, and Filter Bag. The company boasts a modern standard factory and production base, complete with comprehensive hardware and software facilities. A complete manufacturing system has been established, integrating five key elements: product quality, delivery, safety, personnel, and waste. By adopting advanced technological requirements and production processes, Jinjue is committed to manufacturing products that meet ultra-premium standards.

Industrial Water Treatment equipment utilizes a variety of methods, including physical, chemical, and biological processes, to efficiently remove harmful substances. This ensures that the discharge standards of treated wastewater meet relevant regulations, thereby protecting the environment and water resources. Additionally, purified water from Industrial Water Treatment equipment can be recycled for use in cooling systems, production processes, and even irrigation. This not only conserves water resources but also reduces the negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Moreover, Industrial Water Treatment  equipment can reduce production costs. Water is an essential resource in industrial production, and water quality directly affects production efficiency and product quality. Substandard water quality can lead to equipment damage and malfunctions, increasing maintenance and replacement costs. By using industrial water treatment equipment, water quality can be effectively purified, reducing the frequency of equipment repairs and replacements. This, in turn, lowers production costs and enhances economic efficiency.

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  • Carbon Filled Filter Bag that serve as a highly effective first stage of filtration. These filter bags capture large particles, which greatly extends the service life of subsequent stages of cartridge filters.

  • Jinjue Fluid Bed Dryer Filter Bag is a versatile, anti-static collection bag that can be used for a range of drying applications. In addition to fluid bed dryers, it can also be used for boiling granulating dryers, providing an efficient and effective air filtration solution. With its advanced anti-static properties, this filter bag ensures safe and efficient drying while protecting the surrounding environment.

  • The JinJue String Wound Condensate Treatment Filter Cartridge is an ideal product for removing suspended solids and impurities. It protects boilers and turbines and promotes efficient condensate system performance. It is primarily used in various liquid filtration applications, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and water plants.

  • The Pleated Condensate Filter Element Of 70 inches by JinJue uses food-grade thickened polypropylene tubing and a high-strength PP framework. It has elastic compression capability, effectively removing large particles from fluids. It is mainly used in seawater desalination, food and pharmaceutical industries, and power plant condensate.

  • The High Flow Filter Cartridge - YTHF162 produced by JinJue features a long lifespan, high flow rate, and high dirt-holding capacity. It is widely used in industries such as pure water, power plants, municipal wastewater, food, and biopharmaceuticals. With broad chemical compatibility and low operational difficulty, it is highly praised in the market.

  • JINJUE High Flow Filter Cartridge - YTHF features a large filtration area, high strength, dimensional stability, and low risk of leakage. With its high contaminant holding capacity, the cartridge extends service life. It is primarily suited for industrial applications.

As a professional Industrial Water Treatment manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need High Quality Industrial Water Treatment to meet the specific needs of your region or good services, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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