Nylon Filter Cartridge

The JinJue Nylon Filter Cartridge, made of Nylon medium, is a sterilization-grade cartridge. This material exhibits extensive affinity and low extractability, making it highly suitable for solvent filtration. Due to the net negative charge of particles present in water and other liquids, they can be effectively captured by the positively charged Nylon membrane. Additionally, the filter cartridge is equipped with a heavy-duty molded cage to ensure it can withstand high-pressure drops. It also features the characteristics of hydrophilic Nylon membrane, providing high flow rates, low extractability, and good mechanical strength. Therefore, they are often used for sterile filtration in the production of effective pharmaceutical ingredients.

The Nylon Filter Cartridge offers a range of exceptional features tailored to meet diverse filtration needs. With its low extractability, the cartridge ensures minimal pressure drop, enhancing absorption capacity for efficient filtration processes. Its high flow rates, coupled with cost-effectiveness and long lifespan, make it a reliable choice for various applications. The cartridge is compatible with steam sterilization, ensuring product integrity and safety. Moreover, its positively charged Zeta potential effectively removes residual toxins, guaranteeing the purity of filtered substances.

The Nylon Filter Cartridge is versatile.It filters parenteral solutions, reagents, and buffers, ensuring pharmaceutical purity. It controls particles and contamination in industrial processes, maintains cell culture media sterility, and facilitates final filtration in ultra-pure water systems. It's crucial in semiconductor manufacturing, food and beverage production, plating, and medical filtration, ensuring product quality and safety.

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  • The JinJue Nylon Filter Cartaidge is comprised of a nylon microporous membrane folded between non-woven fabric or (wire mesh) inner and outer support layers. The cartridge housing, center rod, and end caps are all made of polypropylene material. The overall sealing of the filter cartridge is achieved through thermal fusion welding technology, ensuring complete sealing performance without any adhesives and leakage.

  • JinJue Nylon Pleated Filter Cartridge, with their excellent filtration performance, mechanical strength, and wide range of applications, are the ideal choice for various industrial and medical uses. Whether for pharmaceutical production, cell culture, or high-purity water systems, nylon membrane filter cartridges provide reliable filtration, ensuring the purity and safety of your products. Choose nylon membrane filter cartridges to enhance your filtration efficiency and product quality.

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