HEPA Filters

JinJue HEPA Filters, short for High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters, are renowned for their exceptional filtration efficiency, capturing up to 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. Specifically designed to trap microscopic pathogens and particles, HEPA filters effectively remove a wide range of contaminants from the air, including ultrafine particles. Compatible with all industry-standard FFU (Fan Filter Unit) brands, they are highly versatile and suitable for various applications.

According to DIN EN 2009,HEPA Filters are classified alongside EPA filters (Efficient Particulate Air Filters) and ULPA filters (Ultra Low Penetration Air Filters). Available in separator and mini-pleat types, HEPA filters feature frames crafted from galvanized sheet, anodized extruded aluminum, wood, or stainless steel. The media used includes glass fiber and PTFE membrane, while separator materials comprise paper or aluminum. Gaskets come in various materials such as PU, EVA, EPDM, Gel seal, Dry seal, or Knife edge. HEPA filters are classified in the range of H13 to U17, with an initial resistance ranging from 80 to 220 Pa. Standard depths include 46/90/100/150/220/292mm.

HEPA Filters find extensive use in cleanroom ventilation systems within pharmaceutical industries, food processing facilities, micro-electronics manufacturing, and other sensitive environments. They are crucial for air purification in hospitals, including operating rooms, ICUs (Intensive Care Units), NICUs (Neonatal Intensive Care Units), and negative pressure ambulances. Additionally, HEPA filters serve as air intake filters for gas turbines, fans, and other industrial equipment. They are also deployed in various non-medical settings such as office buildings, metro stations, residences, and commercial buildings to ensure clean and healthy indoor air quality.

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  • JinJue V-Bank Filter Hospital Grade, designed specifically for hospital, sanatoriums, library, laboratory etc environments, effectively filters out impurities in the air, kills viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms, and prevents them from breeding on the filter surface, which could cause secondary pollution. This ensures highly clean air quality.

  • JinJue Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters and PTFE ULPA filters are ideal for low noise area, corrosive gas area (especially for hydrofluoric acid) and high clean level area. PTFE membrane as young filter media in China market. Mini-Pleat PTFE Panel Filters are used in HEPA filters and ULPA air filters with stable performance and lower energy consumption. Really suitable for hospitals, sanatoriums, schools and kindergarten, microelectronics industry, sterile room, laboratory etc.

As a professional HEPA Filters manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need High Quality HEPA Filters to meet the specific needs of your region or good services, you can leave us a message through the contact information on the webpage.
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