Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter
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Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter

Jinjue Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter are made using fiberglass technology, offering excellent corrosion resistance and strength. They also feature high filtration efficiency and are not easily damaged. These cartridges are primarily used for liquid and gas filtration in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, and environmental industries, as well as in the field of water purification.

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Product Description

The Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter contain extremely fine glass fibers, providing an absolute removal rating of 0.5 to 5 microns. They are suitable for completely removing unwanted particles and can be used as pre-filters for membrane filters. Fiberglass is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance and comes in a variety of types. Its advantages include good insulation, strong heat resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high mechanical strength.

Detailed information of Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter:

Construction Materials
Membrane Hydrophililc Glass Microfiber
Support layers Polypropylene
Inner core Polypropylene/Stainless Steel/PET
Outer core Polypropylene/polyethylene/PET
End cap Polypropylene/PET
O-ring Silicone/Viton/EPDM/PEFE

Glass Fibre Cartridge Filter Application

● Air compression oil-removal and dust-removal filtering,
● Bio-fermentation air pre-filtering,
● Solvent, pharmaceutical filtering,
● Chemical industry filtering,
● Water treatment filtering,
● Filtering of liquids containing colloids, oils and greases and high particulate content.

Product Details

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